Stephanie Horlacher: Team Player

Stephanie HorlacherStephanie Horlacher of Salt Lake City chosen as Employee of the Quarter

We received many wonderful nominations and are pleased to announce that Stephanie Horlacher in Salt Lake was chosen as the Employee of the Quarter. Congratulations Stephanie! These are 3 of the 5 nominations we received for her:

Stephanie has an amazing gift of comforting families and patients. Her hours are never 8-5. It’s always late nights and weekends, not for the paycheck but because she deeply cares about people. She is one in a million and not only the best marketer in all of Salt Lake but probably the most amazing person. Whatever you guys pay her is not enough. We do not have a weak link on our team but I would say that she is our anchor keeping us all stable and strong.

Stephanie is the most Amazing person! She not only has connections in the community, but those connections she treats like family. She knows every single one of her referral sources by name and she always knows what patients came from what source because she is there in person talking with her sources and is always there on her admits, unless two are happening at the same time and she can’t be in two places at once. Stephanie deserves this award most because she goes above and beyond just “Marketing” with every single one of her families. She always makes the first contact for them extra super special and when she goes to the admit with the nurse, she will go out of her way to get them whatever they may need right then, if that means they need supplies right away she will come back to the office and grab them herself and take them back. When Stephanie gets a call from someone about a referral, she starts making her phone calls right away and she doesn’t stop until she gets all of the information to the office to process it quickly if need be. If that means she has to drive to the doctor’s office and pick up the orders and paperwork herself in order for it to get done, then that’s what she does. She is truly the most honest and hard working person I’ve seen do what she does.

Stephanie is always willing to go above and beyond to help EVERYONE. Whether it is Home Health or Hospice. She is such a TEAM player. She is willing to help her co-workers, pick up home health orders, and just has a HUGE heart when it comes to patient care.