Hearts Volunteer Making Memories

Hearts Volunteer Linda just completed and sent her 1,000th bear and has no plans for stopping.

Hearts for Hospice is blessed with a very talented volunteer. Meet Linda, a skilled seamstress (she’s been sewing since she was a little girl) and skilled memory maker. Linda has the ability to transform patient clothing into special keepsakes for their families. Families of deceased hospice patients are notified of the bear program and can provide Linda with clothes (particularly shirts) that can be sewn into a huggable bear.

“So many memories are wrapped up in the scent of a loved one,” says Linda. “Much of the clothing I receive has a distinct fragrance—tobacco or perfume.” She appreciates families entrusting her with their most personal items.

Linda gives surviving loved ones something to hold onto—she receives wonderful thank you cards and letters of gratitude but continues the tireless sewing as a way to be of service.

“The bears give families something very special to hold onto during the bereavement process and beyond,” says a Hearts for Hospice Nurse’s Aide. “It can bring closure in a sweet way.”

For more information on the Hearts’ Bear Program, contact Mary Friedrich at 208-389-2276.

Hearts Bears