Music Therapy

Music therapy helps patients, caregivers, and families. It is offered as part of our services.

Meet Amylee Waldron

Primary Therapy Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Voice & Cello

Amylee Waldron is a graduate of Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy. She completed her internship at Seasons Hospice of Phoenix where she specialized in working with clients and their families in hospice music therapy and grief support.

Her love for hospice started more than ten years ago as a volunteer and she has been involved in various positions within hospice ever since. Amylee is currently a full-time Music Therapist with Hearts for Hospice in the Salt Lake and Utah counties we serve. In her free time, Amylee loves spending time with her family, songwriting, and exploring new places.

Who can participate?

Families and other caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to participate in music therapy sessions. Nothing is expected from the patient or family; they are simply asked to receive the music.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to the patient or family for this service. Music therapy is included in our services.

What kind of music do you use?

Music therapists don’t play just one type of music. Most often, they will play live music on a guitar, keyboard or another instrument. Music therapists will utilize and learn the music that is most meaningful for your loved one, from old love songs of the early 1900s, to popular music of each generation.

Is there research to support music therapy?

Yes. Research supporting the benefits of music therapy can be found in a variety of medical, psychological, and hospice and palliative journals. You can find out more about music therapy by visiting the American Music Therapy Association’s website at