Specialty Programs

Hearts for Hospice is a comprehensive provider, which means we do more than just care for illnesses and manage pain. We also connect with individuals and families on a personal level through specialty programs and services. Specialty programs include:

Pet Therapy – There is a unique relationship that develops between a person and their pet. It could be because pets are loyal, affectionate, and comforting, or it could simply be that they are good listeners. Many people who receive end-of-life care appreciate the comfort of having one of our specially trained pets (especially dogs) by their sides. Pet therapy is a way for people to experience joy – an emotion that isn’t often associated with a life-limiting illness.

Music Therapy – Music is used throughout our lives to enrich our experiences. Music therapy is often used in the same way for people facing the last days of their lives. Music therapists are valued members of the Hearts for Hospice care team. They are professionally trained musicians who entertain patients and families. Whether it’s writing a song, learning to play guitar, or getting acquainted with the beautiful nuances of sound, music therapy can create a relaxing atmosphere and/or become a fulfilling diversion for a hospice patient. Our therapists work closely with each patient, helping them set and achieve musical goals.

Read more about music therapy in action, with music therapist AmyLee Waldron