The Seven Benefits of Hearts for Hospice

“I think it might be a good idea to look into hospice care.” These can be some of the most startling and painful words for patients and their families to hear from a doctor. It’s with this sentence that people begin to think about what the future holds for themselves and their loved ones as they enter this difficult time. Just saying the word ‘hospice’ often frightens people because it’s associated with the end of life, but there’s so much more to this type of care.

Hospice is way for families to provide patients with exactly the type of care that they need at the level and attention that they need it. At the very heart of it, hospice care can offer different benefits that patients and their families might not be able to receive elsewhere. Here are a few of them:

  • The Familiar Environment: Hospice care can be administered at various typical medical facilities like nursing homes and hospitals, but it can also be given in the comfort of your own home or a hospice facility. This allows patients a more tranquil living space that’s not subject to some of the bustling activity that can take place at a hospital. Additionally, a team gets developed for the patient between the doctors, caretakers, and family in order to provide the best comfort and care available.
  • Efficient and Effective Care: Every hospice patient has a team of people devoted to their well-being. This team creates a complete plan that takes into account every aspect of a patient’s illness. The fact that there is a course of action laid out makes it easier for the team and families to respond to whatever it is that the patient needs so that way they can do the best job of controlling and reducing pain for him or her. Furthermore, the professionals that people deal with in hospice care are very experienced in their field and so they can adapt quickly to whatever necessary.
  • Individualized Support: Hospice care workers spend lots of time with the patients, and often a friendly and attached connection is made between patients and caretakers. When this happens, it’s as if the caretakers are taking care of them as if they were their own family, creating almost an instinctive knowledge on how to provide for the patient while still being a listening ear and friendly companion. Care like this allows the families to relax and know that their loved one is in good hands between their visits, alleviating some of the anxiety that a time like this can cause.
  • Dignified and Respectful Care and Treatment: Often times in hospitals, patients are poked and prodded to points of discontent, all in an effort to prolong life. With hospice care, the patients are in more comfortable settings without harsh looking tubes and equipment set up that permeate and reiterate the feelings of sickness and demise. Also, the individual wishes of the patient are more catered to. Respect for the individual and how they want this part of their life to feel is an essential element of hospice care, and it allows for the patients and the families to focus on enjoying the time that they have together.
  • Less of a Financial Burden: While hospital bills pile up quickly and menacingly, hospice care is typically covered to some extent by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies. This means that there will be one less stressor added on to people in this phase of life.
  • Services for Families Are Provided: Eventually, there will come a time when care is no longer needed for hospice patients, but there are still service available for their families. The team that worked with them all along can also offer bereavement and grief counseling, as well as help them out with some of the after-death tasks. People like the hospice chaplains, social workers, and a myriad of others are devoted to helping families deal with the emotions that surround this time.

It’s important to analyze the options you have once it becomes apparent that someone might need hospice care. But with this newfound knowledge, you can make sure that you recognize all the benefits that come out of it so that you can make an informed decision that is best for you and your loved ones.

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